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White-Lined Sphinx moth

Hyles liniata

One day I noticed that some of my fuchsia had chewed leaves.  So I captured some of the caterpillars and kept them at school to see what the adult might look like.  It is often easier to identify the adult stage than the larva.

Sphinx moth, Hyles liniata The white-lined sphinx moth has a very distinctive  pattern.


Sphinx moth, Hyles liniata The white egg case is attached to a leaf of my fuchsia bush by a hair thin  stalk.  On hatching, the larva starts by eating the egg case.


Sphinx moth, Hyles liniata This picture of a young caterpillar clearly shows the red   "horn" on its tail end.

Sphinx moth, Hyles liniata The color pattern of the caterpillar changes as it grows.  Some of them are melanistic, that is, much darker.

Sphinx moth, Hyles liniataThe caterpillar burrows into the ground to pupate. So I placed a shallow layer of sand in the bottom of the container.

Sphinx moth, Hyles liniata Newly emerged moth with wings stretched and  hardened,  ready to fly at dark.


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